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What are Pistol Pete's?

Pistol Petes® are one of the hottest flies around. Whether you fish Pistol Petes with a spinning rod, fly rod, or by trolling them behind a boat, you will find Pistol Petes to be consistent fish-getters.  Pistol Petes are very effective for trout, salmon, steelhead, pike, bass, crappie, walleye, and other freshwater game fish. They are also being used effectively for many saltwater species.
The secret of the Pistol Pete is the small propeller on the front of the fly, which creates an action and sound that excites fish into striking even when they are not in a feeding period. 
PISTOL PETES are available in over 50 different fly patterns and sizes. Each fly is professionally hand-tied using Eagle Claw hooks and quality materials with the serious fisherman in mind.

See our current SALE, look below!

See our current SALE, look below!

Introducing NEW RTIC 30 oz. Tumblers!

Engraved with our signature "Pistol Pete" Logo, these tumblers are an exciting addition to our Hi-Country Flies store! Now you can keep your coffee hot, or your 'cold one' cold whether you're out on the lake, or just relaxing around the house! Click on the button below to order yours today!
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Get to Know Us!
  1. Chris
    The creator of The Original "Pistol Pete Flies", and father to beautiful twin girls Kami and Chrisily, Chris has owned and run the company since 1972! Favorite Past time: Hunting, fishing, camping & spending time with his girls . Favorite Pistol Pete: Brown Marabou #10 w/ gold propeller
  2. Chantel
    After working here at Hi-Country Flies for 5 years, Chantel is always ready to assist our customers! Favorite past time: Bowling, getting her nails done, Snapchat-ing & spending time with family & friends. Favorite Pistol Pete: Brown Marabou #10 w/ gold propeller
  3. Megan
    Megan has been with us for a 2.5 years, and loves to help our fisher-people find what they're looking for! Favorite Past time: Hanging out with her boyfriend, watching movies, baking & Pinterest. Favorite Pistol Pete: Purple